Nero Magis

The two grapes which make Nero Magis – Merlot and Pignolo – are harvested and vinified at different times, starting with Merlot which ripens earlier.

First harvested in 2014, part of the wines are put in barriques before coming together to form Nero Magis. This is followed by lengthy ageing in the bottle.

A wine in which Pignolo’s robustness, assertive personality and spicy notes blend with Merlot’s fruity notes. The palate reveals a surprising fusion between the rigour of the former and the agreeable hints of the latter.

The glass is the required tool for “listening” to the music of wine. Just like the wrong temperature, the wrong glass can negatively alter the nose and palate. If it’s the right glass, we can get on intimate terms with the wine, a compulsory passage to understanding its soul, its essence, before we love it completely. Otherwise we risk ruining years of work in the vineyard and cellar. Hence the choice of a Riedel Extreme Cabernet glass, which brings out the wine’s irresistible charm to the full.